Invisalign Teen in LynnwoodHere at ProDental Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer for our teen ppatients. In alternative to Invisalign®, Fastbraces® is the latest in orthodontic solutions. If you are looking for a treatment option that can straighten your teeth in less than a year, this is it! Fastbraces® can help you achieve a beautiful smile faster and with less discomfort than traditional braces can.

Fastbraces® is a revolutionary technology designed to straighten teeth in 3-12 months. This technology has been in use for 20 years, and we’ve seen excellent results and a high level of patient satisfaction. Our patients love Fastbraces® because they are comfortable and work quickly to achieve the results our patients want.

It’s a great solution for adults and teens 13 years and older who need more tooth movement than Invisalign® can offer. This process uses triangle-shaped brackets and high-tech wires and is specifically designed to move the root and the crown of the tooth at the same time. Teeth move easily due to the lower friction. Fastbraces® can work in as little as three months for some patients.

Fastbraces® can give you the healthy smile you have always wanted. Contact us today for your free consultation, and let us give you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

If you have any questions about Fastbraces® don’t hesitate to contact us today at (425) 673-8919.