Phillips Zoom in LynnwoodDo you have the desire to achieve a whiter, brighter smile? Is your whitening toothpaste just not doing the trick? Here at ProDental Family Dentistry we are proud to offer Phillips Zoom technology to our patients so they can achieve the smile of their dreams in a quick, safe, and effective way.

What is Phillips Zoom?

Phillips Zoom is an in-office teeth whitening process. This solution provides optimal, professional results and removes any stress from trying to whiten your teeth from home! Our in-office whitening solution can make your smile 8 shades whiter in less than 60 minutes with the use of a light-activated gel. The gel and light work in conjunction to break up dirt and stains on your teeth without damaging their structural integrity. If you want a quick, safe, and healthy way to improve the appearance of your teeth, a professional Phillips Zoom treatment may be the right treatment option for you! Our highly trained staff will work with you to customize your treatment to your specific needs and preference.

Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed

The Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed option is a more comprehensive treatment that will help your smile become up to 8 times brighter! Before we begin, we will discuss which shade you wish to achieve so we can customize your treatment to fit your goals.

The procedure takes about 60 minutes and uses both gel and light to help remove stains from eating certain foods, smoking cigarettes, and aging. After the gel is applied to your teeth, a blue LED lamp will help to speed up the gel’s whitening process. This process will be repeated 4 times over the next hour, and then you’ll be finished! Dr. Beetham will apply another gel to protect your enamel and reduce sensitivity in your teeth and gums. The experience is completely comfortable and minimally obtrusive.

If any of these procedures sound like the right option your smile, schedule an appointment with us today!