As a general dentist, I have the opportunity to practice all aspects of oral healthcare, from preventive care to implants, orthodontics, and everything in between. Helping my patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles and teaching them how to keep those smiles looking great for years to come is my goal. Seeing patients smile more and more after each visit is a great reward, but hearing them say, “I lost my fear of the dentist, thanks to you” is even better.

My patients come to me from a variety of different backgrounds. They are from different countries and speak with different accents, and that includes myself. What ties us together is our desire to have outstanding smiles and health.

Education and Experience

I graduated from dental school in Minsk, Belarus in 1992. After that I worked for a year as an oral surgeon in a regional health center. In December 1993, my family came to America. I passed the dental board and got accepted into the School of Oral Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, from which I graduated in 1998 with my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. We moved to the Seattle area the same year, and I have been enjoying dentistry ever since.

In our fast-paced world, it is important to me to be current in my profession, to know about advances in treating and preventing oral disease, and to provide the most up-to-date care. Continuing education is the way to do that. I am interested in all aspects of dentistry and have also completed a two-year orthodontic program for general dentists. I regularly participate in courses on the topics of implants, endodontics, pain and anxiety control, and restorative dentistry.

Professional Affiliations

Outside the Office

My wife Mary and I have been married since 1989. We met while pursuing medical studies in Minsk. She graduated from Bastyr University in 2011 with a degree of naturopathic doctor. We have one son, Eugene; two daughters, Paula and Valerie; and four cats, Chelsea, Nikki, Bucky, and Max. Besides dentistry and my family, cooking, gardening, baking, fishing, and hiking are the other passions of my life.

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